Mecca Cho'van

Music moves me...


“I think of myself as ‘the emotional interpreter’ – my music is worldly, it’s about the different emotions people go through…and I want to share it with people everywhere…”

With the 2017 release of her exciting self-titled debut album, singer/songwriter and actress Mecca Cho’van is looking forward to sharing her gifts with a global audience. The New York native – whose professional breakthrough came with her appearance in the critically-acclaimed television adaptation of ‘The Wizard Of Oz In Concert’ (starring Jewel, Natalie Cole and Nathan Lane) – is clear about her mission: “Releasing my first album is a big accomplishment for me and it’s an opportunity for me to deliver the message in my music…from sadness and hopelessness to triumph, things that I have felt that other people go through…”

Indeed, Mecca Cho’van runs the gamut from the reggae-inflected, Caribbean-flavored “Down” (released as a first single with an accompanying video) to the stirring “Far Away” (a self-penned song dedicated to her father, also a singer) and on to the hypnotic “Rock With You,” the upbeat vocalist – who says she began involving herself in musical activities from the age of nine – has created an album that reflects her own personal journey and life challenges she’s faced.  “Music was like an escape for me.  It was my outlet.  I had a pretty rough upbringing - moving from one homeless shelter to the next. I threw myself into writing poetry, singing at every opportunity, in the glee club…anything that people would allow me to participate in.”

With influences that include Brandy, Amy Winehouse, Aaliyah and Indie Arie among others, Mecca’s formative years included a performance with a vocal group that was chosen to be part of the musical soundtrack to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.  She attended high school at the Choir Academy of Harlem which is home to the world-renowned Boys Choir and Girls Choir of Harlem which afforded Mecca the opportunity to perform with artists such as Shanice, Brandy Norwood, Michael Bolton, and Brian McKnight.

While inspired to pursue a career in acting – something that remains an important direction for the Pennsylvania resident – Mecca began focusing on her debut CD in 2016.  She notes, “We started with the track, “Down,” which is based on a true story about being in a relationship where I was always giving and getting nothing back!” The track was produced by Rick Williams (whose credits include work with Brandy Norwood) and Mylon Jones (for Gimme No Fuss Productions) and co-written by Mecca with independent recording artist Jeremy Isaac. 

Mecca has crafted a contemporary album that includes the infectious, groove-oriented “His Name,” produced by 5Star Project and one of five songs she penned for the CD (along with “Space High,” “Mood: In Love,” “Rock With You” and “Far Away”). The dramatic standout “Cold Empire,” (co-written by Mecca with Jeremy Isaac and produced by Mylon Jones) reflects her own personal truth: “I went through a period of depression – I felt hopeless about my situation.  The song is about embracing those feelings: although it’s winter, spring is just around the corner – cold endings lead to spring beginnings…the song is about hope…”

Other highlights on Mecca Cho’van include the warm, reflective “Mood: In Love” (which Mecca says “is more about infatuation”), the chuggin’ “Space High” (‘I’m from Venus, you’re from Mars, you should invite me over so we can watch the stars’) and the no-holds-barred “Understand”  (co-penned with Isaac) which Mecca says is “a true story. I was in a relationship for three years and the guy kept cheating, going back and forth with his ex-girlfriend. We would be at the same family gatherings together!  She knew about me.  Finally, I was done with this love triangle!”  All three tracks were produced by 5StarProject along with “Rock With You,” which Mecca notes, is “about love interest I knew from high school. We were friends, we reconnected, like an old school kind of love and we both wondered why we shouldn’t take it a step further.” 

The poignant “Far Away” (produced by Mylon Jones) is another slice-of-truth piece: “I lost my father to cancer in 2013,” Mecca says. “He always encouraged me. The song is about him cheering me on, knowing I’m right here and he’s on the other side. I promised him that I would keep pursuing my dreams…”

Fittingly, Mecca’s uplifting anthem “Winner” (co-written and produced by Jones) embodies that promise: “Coming out of the depression I experienced, I became focused and the song reflects that – I believe in what I’m doing…I’m a fighter!”  Mecca describes her music as “very eclectic. People place me in the R&B category and I love R&B; however, I grew up listening to alternative rock, jazz, folk, so I’d say my music hints at all of those genres.”

While music is her first love, Mecca has been focused in recent times on acting. With renowned actor, voice actor and artist in his own right Leonard Dozier as a mentor, Mecca’s activities have also included a role in the web series, “Streets To Corporate” and she states, “I like acting because it’s an escape, throwing myself into another character for a while. To be honest, acting and voice-acting in particular seem to be easy for me…”

With performances planned for 2017 (including some with The Philly Pops), Mecca looks optimistically to a bright future both in music and acting, fulfilling on her life’s goals as a global entertainer.


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